Something Free for You..

Hey guys and girls, I have something special and free today for you. This is an email service provided by Bluetie Co. and works just like Yahoo and Gmail but after using it myself I find its a bit different and have more features than Yahoo Mail and Gmail...its even better than Hotmail.

Bluetie is relatively a new company and they are competing with other Big Guns like Yahoo, Google and MSN mail services and I must say it will be really difficult to compete with them. I like their email account layout because it really looks professional and they have bars that can be minimized such as I can minimize Outbox bar and view only Inbox bar...or I can view all of them in one page! No more clicking and opening Inbox and Bulk mail separately.

They offer Free email account and also paid which is $4.99 a month only. I recommend you to try the free mail account first. Their email service works perfectlyfor business purposes as they have the best Business mail features but then they added the Personal mail features too. So you will be getting two features in one service. Its much easier to manage your emails and they havea great software to filter out all spam mails.

I rate them 8/10 overall and they have very friendly support team too.
Get your free or paid email account from here.

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