How Free is that SIM Card?

Is it free guys and girls??....think again...

Chances are what you think you are getting for free really isn't going to do you much good. Basically, giving away SIM cards is just a ruse some companies use to get you to sign up for cell phone service, which is not free -- ever. So even if the phone for the SIM card is free, you will still have to pay for either a rate plan or a per minute charge.

Before you proceed with your free SIM card, read the fine print. Make sure you are not locking yourself into a scheme that, in the end, will be more costly than some of the more popular prepaid cell phone plans that are available. I fall into this trap before and lost a lot more than what others pays..

Basically all a SIM card does is allow users to change phones by simply removing the SIM card from one mobile phone and inserting it into another. They may be used with ongoing cell phone usage plans as well as with prepaid plans. Prepaid plans are extremely useful for those individuals who have a bad credit rating or no credit at all.

People who don't have access to a cell phone through their place of business find these plans useful. They are also useful for teenagers and younger children because they teach them how to budget their cell phone usage. Because you have prepaid a certain amount of minutes, you can easily calculate minutes you have on the cell phone. That way there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Some companies do offer a full size free SIM card that you can serve as a back up should your phone break. You can insert the SIM card into your phone and copy material, or you can use it to transfer the information into a different model of phone from the same manufacturer. Again be cautious as this convenience also allows unscrupulous people the opportunity to steal your SIM card information.

In reality a free SIM card doesn't provide any real benefit for a majority of people. There isn't any real value attached to them. Cell phone service is inexpensive enough and getting more inexpensive every day so that most people can afford cell phone service in some form or another without resorting to the SIM card scheme.

There is very little reason why you should have to go through the contortions of piecing together your own cell phone plan this way when there are other more convenient, and maybe even cheaper, ways to accomplish the same thing. Don't fall for something that in the end is going to be time consuming and not give you the benefits it would seem to promise.

Online Casino - How to Earn a Lot in Gambling Industry

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How To Run Your Car On Water?

Hi everyone, petrol price is rising higher everyday and effecting everyone worldwide. Therefore today I am going to share with you something to save your pockets from burning out. There are two types of conversions that you can do to your existing vehicle that will make it more cost effective, allowing it to use HHO gas to replace some fuel you currently use that comes from gasoline. In fact, these conversions allow you to run car on water by introducing HHO gas into the vacuum right before the gas vapors enter it. Both are flammable, but with the HHO gas in the chamber right before the gasoline reaches it, that means less gas is used and you get more miles to the gallon.

The first thing that you are going to look at are the homemade, do-it-yourself conversions. These are homemade hydrogen generators that use water, baking soda and electricity to produce the HHO gas that is needed for the engine. It is a little more complex than that, but no so difficult that you cannot complete the conversion in a single weekend. Most of the equipment and materials are available at your local hardware store. This is the hardest but also the most cost effective part of the conversion. The price on this type of conversion is one weekend of time and less than $200. If you do not want to spend the time or you want to ensure that it is done correctly, you may want to consider the latter conversion option first. You can run your car on water using a conversion kit which can be purchased on the internet ready-to-install for several hundred up to several thousand dollars.

When looking at these types of kits, it is important that you remember to comparison shop. It is equally important to research which type of conversion kit is necessary in order to ensure you are getting the correct kit for your vehicle. Once you know the type of kit you need and have found the most reasonable price then you can install it. Installation is quite easy. It is usually a container which attaches easily to the inside of your engine compartment and you simply hook it up according to the installation instructions.You want to make sure the HHO gas reaches the chamber and the electricity reaches the water to ensure that the proper chemical reaction takes place. Then you are ready to go and you can enjoy saving money on gas as well as helping out the environment!

There are no serious disadvantages to using conversion kits or making them yourself, provided you have a good kit or a good set of plans. Water is a renewable source and is something that is readily plentiful. It is easy to obtain and with current technology, water needed to fuel your vehicle can be used from any source. Be sure to check out the instructions on the type of water to use. Some conversion kits require the use of specific types of water when using them in order to function properly. There are plenty of ways that you can save money and help the environment by switching your car to run on water through the use of conversion kits or home made hydrogen generators. The methods mentioned above are absolutely safe and I am currently doing the same too.

What are you waiting for...fuel price to drop? - Never!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day ahead.

Prank Calling Technology

Hi guys and girls, some interesting hitech stuff for all of you here..

Do you have King Albert in a can? Such phrases used to be the rage of the Mad Magazine reading youth of the 70's. Today the standard for the prank or crank call has been raised with examples in pop culture television shows such as the Simpson's. There are now even entire shows, such as Comedy Centrals "Crank Yankers", devoted to the art of fooling an unsuspecting phone recipient.

So what might we expect in the future? Well technology is beginning open some intriguing possibilities. I remember as an 11 year old having a tough time convincing someone in my high pitched voice that I was working on the electric lines and wanted to see if their refrigerator was running. With some modern assistance, such as MorphVOX a voice changing program from Screaming Bee, a kids chance of pulling off such a prank are greatly increased.

MorphVOX when combined with computer to phone services such as Skype-Out or Yahoo Messenger, enable one to change their voice to a different age, gender or even unnatural spirits. This opens the possibilities for a whole new level of pranks. Imagine a St. Patrick's Day phone call from a leprechaun, or calling your girlfriend on Halloween with the distorted voice of a child ghost. For the less cruel, how about a call to your kid from the Easter bunny?

So next time you hear sounds like a large gruff man asking about your refrigerator, just remember it might be a couple of kids using the latest in technology for an old prank.

Have a nice day everyone!

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