6 TOP Ways to Generate Traffic - Got me 18,000 unique hits last month!!

Ways to promote a site/blog :

1. Buy or exchange backlinks.
a.) Use Cbox.
b.) Visit other blogs or sites with Cbox and offer backlink exchange offer. If no cbox, just leave
c.) Create 10 new blogs, add content and index into Google. Then once indexed, do backlinks
to main site.
d.) Buy backlinks sometimes.

2. SEO
a.) Add URL in major search engines.
b.) Do pings for each post/blog.
c.) Add content regulary and avoid duplicate content.

3. Article writing
a.) Get unique article and submit to article websites.
b.) Find an existing article on similiar niche, use a software to spin it and get unique article.
c.) Submit to article directories with a link back to the site/blog.
d.) Use the same article, spin again and post in site/blog.
e.) If cannot spin same article, do (b.) and get another unique article and past it in the

4. Digg and social bookmarking.
a.) Join top 5 social bookmarking sites and submit sites there.
b.) Put a digg link in site for each post.
c.) Do digg exchange with other members.
d.) Buy digg from people.

5. Buy bulk traffic to get high Alexa rankings.

6. Use Traffic Bot to send out pings to other sites, so they will visit your sites.
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The Velvet Hot Tub

The Velvet Hot Tub is an innovative website has established itself as the most comprehensive catalog of celebrity gossip on the web. It is updated in real time with posts from the most popular celebrity gossip blogs including Perez Hilton, TMZ, Seriously OMG, D-Listed, Defamer, and others.

And not only is it comprehensive, but the Velvet Hot Tub is the most interactive of gossip sites. The stories at the Velvet Hot Tub are automatically sorted by users' clicks (like Digg but without requiring accounts)--so when you visit, it is simple to see what the hottest gossip of the moment is.

If you or your girlfriend, sister or wife reads magazines like US Weekly or watches entertainment TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, show them this site. They'll probably love it.

EZ Wealth Solution

I am not a big fan of multi level marketing so I was especially curious when I heard of the EZ Wealth Solution program. EZ Wealth Solution uses the 1up and 2up system that most cash gifting opportunities use. From what I was told by my sponsor, EZ Wealth Solution is very much unlike your typical cash leverage opportunity. Being that EZ Wealth Solution was offering a free tour of the program; I took my sponsor up on his offer and decided to take a comprehensive review of the EZ Wealth Solution program.

EZ Wealth Solution is a “Get Paid Today” program so it does not utilize the pyramid structure that is synonymous with network marketing programs. They also use the pay it forward system which allows your sponsor to pay your way into level one, a $47 dollar value. I like the pay it forward system because it gave me the opportunity to get into the program without any outer pocket cost, except for the $10 reseller rights package.The reseller right gives you resell rights to 100 products that you can market and keep all the profits. EZ Wealth Solution has 5 levels which give you the option to decide at which level you would like to join. I started at level one which my sponsor paid for me.

After reviewing the EZ Wealth opportunity the major difference I found between EZ Wealth and other cash leveraging programs is that it’s not really a cash gifting program.The products offered are legitimate products of value that you can actually put to good use or sell to internet marketers. Each level has different products, the higher package you purchase, the more quality products you will receive.

While reviewing the compensation plans I began to understand the power of 1up system which is used in the first level and the 2 up system which is used in each additional level. Everything is explained thoroughly by several videos that cover every aspect of the program in stages. If you ever get confused, you can rewind the video to view it again. Overall the videos were informative and easy to understand.

In closing I’d like to say that my review of the EZ Wealth Solution program is a definite thumb up. I also recommend reading “The Painful Truth”, also referred to as the “Coffee House Letter’. It is a letter explaining the fall of network marketing and why internet prelaunches make it hard to maintain your mlm downlines. I hope I was able to shed some light on this program, but the only way you will know for sure is the take the free tour yourself.

Sony Ericsson G900

The Sony Ericcson G900 is a 3G enabled candy bar mobile phone and with an option of two colours - dark red and dark brown..

The first thing you notice about the G900 is its simple yet sophisticated design.One of the most interesting aspects of the Sony Ericsson G900 is its touchscreen function. Using the stylus pen, the Sony Ericsson G900 is capable of handwriting recognition. You can use the stylus pen to write on the phones screen. Then watch as the phone intelligently transforms your characters into corresponding letters on the G900’s keyboard. What’s even more impressive is the ability to use the G900 to write personal ‘sticky notes’ and reminders in your own handwriting saving time as the phones keypad is not required.

However, it has to be noted that the stylus pen is on the rather small side which will make it awkward to use for those with large hands.Yes it has got a 5megapixel camera. So you can forget carrying around that digital camera all the time.You can also set focus areas for your picture. Like other recent Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson has included a stylus pen which slots stylishly into the left hand side of the mobile phones, the G900 enables you to easily capture and edit images and videos so that you can quickly share content using Email, MMS or by uploading the content directly to your blog.

It has a 2.4 inch 262K color TFT display of QVGA resolution. G900 performs more than adequately when displaying images and videos on the phone itself. If you’re worrying about where to store all your media files, the Sony Ericsson G900 comes with a generous 160 megabytes of internal memory which is expandable into the gigabytes with the purchase of a Memory Stick M2.

Ok now you must be thinking if the phone is this smart will it fit into my pocket , I say yes. The Sony Ericsson G900 measures in at an impressive 10.6cm in height x 4.9cm in width x 1.3cm in depth and weighs only 99g.

The Sony Ericsson G900 measures in at an impressive 10.6cm in height x 4.9cm in width x 1.3cm in depth and weighs only 99gThe Sony Ericsson G900 comes with built in WI-FI (WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g for all you geeks) which means you can connect to your wireless home or work network and do all the usual internet activities - web browsing, emails (including push email), Google Maps etc - allowing you to avoid paying the excessive data fees that network operators charge for using their GPRS mobile internet services. However, in instances where you cannot connect to a WI-FI network, the Sony Ericsson G900 does comes with 3G technology, thus providing you with the convenience of broadband Internet to your mobile phone - even if at an extra cost. As is standard with 3G phones, the G900 allows you to make and receive video calls (using the secondary camera on the front of the phone) and stream video too.

The phone has 380 hours standby time, 12 hours talk time, and 4 hours whilst connected to 3G - not too bad. The G900 is priced about 455.00$ in USA

Clown Costumes

You either love them or you hate them. Clowns that is. Not necessarily the person behind the grease paint and baggy trousers, no, rather the persona of the clown itself. If you watch the audience during a clown show you will see expressions that are either filled with joy or tinged with terror. And this is especially evident when looking at children. This fear has been linked to the process whereby a child starts to make sense of facial features and it is thought that the clowns own reliance on exaggerated facial features maybe what triggers the fear which can be carried into adult life. This phobic reaction to clowns is called; coulrophobia.

Professional clowns have usually attended a clown school where homework revolves around tying balloons into animals and other shapes, learning face painting (something becoming more popular at children's parties) and learning how to clown around and make people laugh. Lastly, a professional clown develops and then keeps to his/her own face make-up design.

As you would expect clown costumes come in a number of different styles some reflecting the thoughtful and reflective Pierrot style of clown, or the Harlequin clown, often seen as the leader of the group carrying a slapstick with which he exerts his control, albeit that he inevitably loses the stick and the group use it against him.

With the exception of Pierrot and Harlquin, clowns will be garishly dressed and can either have a bald head or colourful mop head so finding a clown costume for yourself or your child should be easy. Patterns for clown costumes are readily available from larger haberdashers and colourful fabrics are all you would need. If making a costume is too time consuming due to the popularity of the theme, clown costumes are readily available all year round.

If you choose to buy a clown costume then the options will be between visiting your local fancy dress store or shopping on-line through an internet based fancy dress costume site. In either case, they should also be able to offer you a selection of clown wigs, oversized clown props such as glasses, bow-ties, flowers and combs all or any of which will squirt water along with the more skilful spinning plates and juggling balls. And don't forget your clown make-up and false nose.

Russell Brunson $100 Million Dollar Challenge!

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CJ Coaching + Screenshot!


Let me coach you how to make $15 - $30 daily on Commission Junction (CJ) without doing any sales!

I use easy and simple methods to generate $100+ everyday!

Above is a screenshot from my CJ account and this account is a new account I created not long ago. As you can see, I never done any sales and still earned $200+ giving away free leads and the amount was earned in only 2 days.

For the moment I will take in only 2 people to coach and will charge a very low price of $50 for the coaching. The price will shoot up once I go big with this coaching next month. I only need serious people because $50 is nothing much considered the time and effort I will put in to coach and show them my methods.

Here is what you DON'T need :

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Huge Traffic
  • A lot of effort


With just an additional of $50 (total $100), I will coach you on CJ and all other money making programs that I am currently making tons of cash on net + lifetime coaching for any programs that comes my way in future. This one offer itself is worth a lot more than an additional $50.

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