How I make money with my Blog (PART 1)

Hi guys and girls, I would like to share with all of you on some ways that I use here in this blog to earn money $$.

Alright you probably can see those banners on the right side of this blog..those are some of the freebies that I am giving away and making tons of money from!..Screw you liar - you must be saying this but hey I do. Here is how much I earned for the past two days...

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Well not much maybe for some of you but for me it's great and growing everyday. Total for this month (up-to-date) is $598.50

Secondly I have widgets from Widgetbucks that pays for each click on their widgets..what is a widget?..The television banner above is a widget. But recently they changed their policy and only accept clicks from Canada and USA. Therefore I don't bother them much but the widget is still on here because it's attractive and very nice. Here is my earning from Widgetbucks last month..the first and last month.

Date Description Earnings Payments Balance
10/7/2007 Signup Bonus $25.00 $25.00
10/31/2007 Earnings $34.56 $59.56
10/31/2007 Referral Fees $0.00 $59.56

Not much again, just the first month for me with Widgetbucks and infact Widgetbucks is just 2 months old. No referrals and the free $25.00 signup bonus helped a lot. Minimum payout $50.
Better than nothing = $59.56

Second part coming soon...check it out!

Hi I am back!

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting for quite some time. I was very busy with my cousin's wedding but but but...I manage to launch my new blog on FREEBIES!

Everyone loves free stuffs and I love them too. I just started a blog on Freebies/Free stuffs where it is still growing with more freebies to be added soon.

Hey why don't check it out and get some of those freebies to support my blog..I will really appreciate it!

I will make some changes on the layout of this blog as soon as I have some time. Needs some adjustment though!

Thank you and read my next post...soon after this one hehehe!

A new blog on making money online $$

Hey everyone, firstly sorry for posting less lately because I was very busy with my lecturing job and wish I had more time posting here.

I take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that visits and joined my blog community. Keep tuning in here as I will keep my efforts up to deliver more information and improve this blog for all of you.

Today I am going to talk about a new blog which the blog's owner left a comment in my previous post below..

His blog title is "Make Blog and Earn" which have very useful ways and tips to make money online without any cost. I recommend you all to visit his blog because as I read there are a lot of useful information and programs posted where you can join and make money on the internet. I can see that his main money making programs are PTR and PTCs. I am member of some of the money making programs there and I got paid from them a lot of times. But now I am not doing any PTR and PTCs because I want to concerntrate more on my!

In his blog, he gave some tips to increase your Google Page rank and he updates on his current blog status too. Overall his blog is quite new but he have a lot useful information in it and he updates his blog regulary...not like me :>

So guys and girls please visit his blog and support him. I believe he can produce a great blog with a lot of useful information which can help all of us.

Jump over to his blog now at

and have fun!

PS : I will be adding more great blogs, websites, products, programs and other cool stuff reviews here soon. So bookmark my blog and come here again for MORE!And if you want me to write on your stuffs for FREE please email me at

Thanks and Enjoy!!

I will make the best designed Google Adsense Blog for you!

Hi guys and girls, I have been busy lately making a few people a Google Adsense friendly blog from where they can earn good income and get more clicks to their adsense ads.

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