Hey I am back!!!!

Hey guys and girls, finally I am back and ready to rock this blog again with some really exciting reviews and news! After such a long lay off from Internet world due to an emergency it feels great to be back and start posting here.

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and hope you guys and girls had a blast on New Year!Well I have no idea what is your new year's resolution but all the best in achieving it and never say no and don't give up easily!

As for me I would like to have a better year than previous one and in Internet sense, I would like to make this a better and more informative blog by posting some exciting reviews and latest news plus share with all of you here the ways I make money on Internet for the past two years!

And also by making more money online compared to last year so I can enjoy more more and more this year!

Stats for last year (2007) income (online only) :

Jan - $890.50
Feb - $815.00
March - $931.20
April - $988.50
May - $892.00
June - $1260.50 (great!!)
July - $1140.00
August - $1100.50
September - $965.20
October - $1012.20
November - $992.50
December - $1060.30

Average of $900 - $1100 a month...All free and easy ways!

This year target average of $1300 - $2000 a month!

Wish me luck!

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