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Website :

The site would appeal to the average person because the colors are warm and inviting.It is a clean site with a flawless look, and someone without any technical background would definitely appreciate it. The layout makes anyone feel comfortable because it is so well done, clean looking and easy to be navigated.

You feel as if you are in good hands and you know that you will be able to find anything you need on this site. provides complete information on latest auto insurance quotes. Anyone can get their auto insurance quote from them with just a click of a button on the first page. Their speciality is in helping to inform consumers of tangled web that is insurance information ad they do it perfectly! also provides latest and very helpful articles on car insurance rates, best articles I read on car insurance are there. Make sure to check them out and learn some interesting facts and gain some important informations.

Besides auto insurance quotes, also provides free other insurance quotes such as :

There is also a complete and really good guide given in the website which will guide you on your way on getting the best insurance auto quotes in market.

The load time of the page is quite fast, even with the moving link buttons. I did not find any typos or broken links, just very well written information! There are sufficient meta tags on the pages.

Overall a great site with not only great design but excellent content as well. Great job to everyone involved.

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