My New Video Blog!!

Hey everyone, two (2) days ago I launched my online video blog, which have my Metacafe Vidoes in. These videos are very important because they are in a contest in Metacafe program called Producer Rewards.

To qualify for the reward which I will explain below, I need 20,000 views on the video within 6 months and the rate of my video must be 3 and above.

What will be the reward?

A massive $100.00 for the 20,000 views I get within 6 months and every $5.00 from there on for each 1000 views..the earning from this is unlimited.

Currently I have 3 videos there but only 1 is accepted in the Producer Rewards program, hope to add more videos that can be accepted.

Therefore I dedicated a blog for my Metacafe videos in hope to get good number of views and high rates.

Below is the blog link, please visit my new blog and I will keep updating the stats and videos there on daily basis.

Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy my videos.

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