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The site would appeal to the average person because the colors are warm and inviting. When I first entered the site I could tell that alot of thought had gone into making it an excellent one- I can tell that it has been worked on for a while and has been polished until the creator was satisfied. Someone with no technical background can easily see all this.

Why Choose Rushmore to Play games?

We at Rushmore Casino are dedicated to providing a stylish, fair and responsible entertainment environment.

Rushmore Casino is outstanding in a sizzling hot gaming market due to the simple fact that they`re staff from top to bottom are all honest professional and understand the importance of establishing a fair gaming environment for all their players.

Rushmore Casino offers a lot in terms of bonuses, including an $888 First Deposit Bonus . Wagering at the casino is also rewarded through a points system and once accumulated, these points can be exchanged for bonus chips or special gifts. The Real Time Gaming Software used by Rushmore is known for its speed, user-friendly interface and unrivalled security. Overall Rushmore is professional, supportive and offers a secure gaming environment that allows for a winning experience.

Most importantly of all of course is you the client! We at Online Casino Rushmore are committed to providing the highest level of customer support that is available. We have a full team of highly trained, professional and courteous customer service staff awaiting your enquires.We undertake to do the utmost that we possibly can, to accommodate our clients requests.

Available Games

Specialty Games

1. American Roulette

2. European Roulette

3. Craps

4. Sic Bio

5. European Slot Porker

6. Keno

Interesting Table Games, Best Online Slots and many more games are available too.

Check here.

Personally I love the blackjack game they have there and I recommend all of you to play blackjack online at Rushmore Online Casino.

The design is very consistent throughout all of the pages- clean and easy to read. Well done! The load time of the page is quite fast and I did not find any typos or broken links, just very well written information and mind-blowing graphics!

Overall a great site with not only great design but excellent content as well. Great job to everyone involved.

A must visit website!!

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