3rd position on Google Search Engine!

Great News!!

This blog ranks 3rd in Google Search Engine for the keyword "my blog space". The keyword seems to be unfamous for some but there are 24,700,000 for my blog space and this blog is top 3 just below Myspace and robertdobes.com .

There is more!

This blog is also on top 10 with the 7th rank for the keyword "top blog" with 68,200,000 for my top blog !!

I am very happy and will work harder to get a better rank because currently the rank for this blog is still PR 2 but the potential to grow is big because I start getting good and targeted search engine traffic, not only for Google but also from Yahoo because this blog is also ranking good in Yahoo Search Engine.

I will soon post the ranking and keywords of this blog in Yahoo Search Engine.
Until then have a nice day! - I am having one! :>

1 comment:

posh_post said...

hello! congratulations!

i checked on sponsored reviews already. before they didn't accept my blog. i hope they will accept it now. :-)

thanks for the suggestion.