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What is Ximmy?

Ximmy is a search engine powered by Google and Yahoo based on the idea that every link has a story. Ximmy is a community driven social networking site that allow users to read and submit stories to any link on the internet...and to earn money from it!!

Ximmy is one hell of a great program to make money from. The program works like Digg and pays you to do so. So STOP all the "Digging" you doing for free and jump onto Ximmy because it pays 10 points for each Digg you do.

1 point equals to $0.01
1 Digg will make you 10 points a.k.a $0.10 richer!

To do a Digg it will only take you an easy 30 seconds.

Currently the limit for Digg or better know on Ximmy as Review is 10 reviews a day. This is to keep the program clean and stable. There are more ways to earn money on Ximmy which are by submitting pictures, videos and news. You will earn $0.01 for each picture, video or news you submit.

If making 10 reviews ($1.00) a day is not enough, you can always earn more by submitting pictures, videos and news from the internet. If making reviews are easy then submitting the pictures, videos and news will be much easier. You won't even sweat!

Alright the minimum payout is $10.00 and paid by paypal only (for now, soon they will add more payment options).

What can you share/review on Ximmy?

You can share anything you're passionate about.

- Products/companies you've used in the past
- Sevices providers
- Favoriate Websites
- Local Companies (restaurants, shops, etc)
- People (Friends, celeberties)

Easy talking - anything!

Here is how the points redeem works :

Points Rewards
1,000 $10
1,800 $20
3,200 $40
6,000 $80
12,000 $160
20,000 $300

Reaching the payout in Ximmy is easy and you will have a lot of fun making money there. Currently there is no other program like this on the Internet and the concept is great!

As for referrals, you need to join the affiliate program separately on Ximmy.com and there will give you a $5.00 bonus for just signing up in the affiliate program. You will earn $0.50 for each referral and the minimum payout for their referral program is only $20.00 and payments are done through paypal too. One of the best referral programs ever!

Don't wait, join Ximmy today and make money the easy and fun way - they do pay and many have been paid before, I am going to very soon!

Join Ximmy.com today!!

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