6 TOP Ways to Generate Traffic - Got me 18,000 unique hits last month!!

Ways to promote a site/blog :

1. Buy or exchange backlinks.
a.) Use Cbox.
b.) Visit other blogs or sites with Cbox and offer backlink exchange offer. If no cbox, just leave
c.) Create 10 new blogs, add content and index into Google. Then once indexed, do backlinks
to main site.
d.) Buy backlinks sometimes.

2. SEO
a.) Add URL in major search engines.
b.) Do pings for each post/blog.
c.) Add content regulary and avoid duplicate content.

3. Article writing
a.) Get unique article and submit to article websites.
b.) Find an existing article on similiar niche, use a software to spin it and get unique article.
c.) Submit to article directories with a link back to the site/blog.
d.) Use the same article, spin again and post in site/blog.
e.) If cannot spin same article, do (b.) and get another unique article and past it in the

4. Digg and social bookmarking.
a.) Join top 5 social bookmarking sites and submit sites there.
b.) Put a digg link in site for each post.
c.) Do digg exchange with other members.
d.) Buy digg from people.

5. Buy bulk traffic to get high Alexa rankings.

6. Use Traffic Bot to send out pings to other sites, so they will visit your sites.
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