EZ Wealth Solution

I am not a big fan of multi level marketing so I was especially curious when I heard of the EZ Wealth Solution program. EZ Wealth Solution uses the 1up and 2up system that most cash gifting opportunities use. From what I was told by my sponsor, EZ Wealth Solution is very much unlike your typical cash leverage opportunity. Being that EZ Wealth Solution was offering a free tour of the program; I took my sponsor up on his offer and decided to take a comprehensive review of the EZ Wealth Solution program.

EZ Wealth Solution is a “Get Paid Today” program so it does not utilize the pyramid structure that is synonymous with network marketing programs. They also use the pay it forward system which allows your sponsor to pay your way into level one, a $47 dollar value. I like the pay it forward system because it gave me the opportunity to get into the program without any outer pocket cost, except for the $10 reseller rights package.The reseller right gives you resell rights to 100 products that you can market and keep all the profits. EZ Wealth Solution has 5 levels which give you the option to decide at which level you would like to join. I started at level one which my sponsor paid for me.

After reviewing the EZ Wealth opportunity the major difference I found between EZ Wealth and other cash leveraging programs is that it’s not really a cash gifting program.The products offered are legitimate products of value that you can actually put to good use or sell to internet marketers. Each level has different products, the higher package you purchase, the more quality products you will receive.

While reviewing the compensation plans I began to understand the power of 1up system which is used in the first level and the 2 up system which is used in each additional level. Everything is explained thoroughly by several videos that cover every aspect of the program in stages. If you ever get confused, you can rewind the video to view it again. Overall the videos were informative and easy to understand.

In closing I’d like to say that my review of the EZ Wealth Solution program is a definite thumb up. I also recommend reading “The Painful Truth”, also referred to as the “Coffee House Letter’. It is a letter explaining the fall of network marketing and why internet prelaunches make it hard to maintain your mlm downlines. I hope I was able to shed some light on this program, but the only way you will know for sure is the take the free tour yourself.

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